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Whitney Collins

speech therapy

pediatric speech therapy in a collaborative, holistic, nurturing

environment where every voice matters.


It is my joy and honor to help children learn to communicate effectively! Research shows that children learn best through play... so during speech therapy, we PLAY! Starting with the evaluation and moving onto one-on-one therapy visits, each session is thoughtfully planned using evidence-based therapy techniques AND activities that your child specifically finds interesting and engaging. Read on to find out if speech therapy might be helpful for your child.

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Is Your Child.....

  • exhibiting frustration over communication breakdowns?

  • not talking as much or as well as other children their age?

  • difficult to understand?

  • having difficulty with social or emotional communication?

  • not producing certain sounds or words correctly?

  • having difficulty with picky eating, feeding disorders, or swallowing?

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I can help!

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speech therapy can help children....

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learn to

talk more

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learn new






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aid in





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eat &



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Speech Therapy

Entails a Three Part Process:


Our first session will consist of an evaluation. We start by discussing family history, parent / provider concerns , and a detailed description of current communication skills. An assessment will be administered to determine baseline skills, and need for services will be discussed based on standardized scores and/or comparison of skills to typical acquisition.

routine sessions

If therapy sessions are recommended, it will be discussed whether the child will most benefit from one or two sessions per week. Caregivers are invited to either participate in the session, or wait in a room nearby. A combination of toys, songs, books, and movement are used to engage the child and build communication skills through play.

carry over:

I am passionate about partnering with parents to develop communication strategies that can be implemented into everyday routines. If I see your child once or twice a week, they're spending less than 1% of their waking hours in therapy... so daily home practice is KEY to success! After each session, together, we discuss family goals and how to carry our communication strategies into daily life..

I believe that:

Each child has been fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

Each child has unique strengths and purpose.

Each child deserves to be heard and understood.



speak up for those who can not speak for themselves

Whitney has over 12 years of experience in pediatric Speech Pathology. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree from Hardin Simmons University and her Master’s degree from Baylor University, she was hired as the first Speech Pathologist for a new pediatric home health company. During her time there, she not only treated her full-time caseload, but also supervised a team of therapy assistants, overseeing their caseloads throughout the Metroplex.

Whitney has significant experience working with children on language and communication development, speech sound disorders, feeding therapy, pragmatic social language skills, as well as working with children with Autism, Down’s syndrome, and other diagnoses. Whitney’s passion is partnering with parents in learning how to best help their child communicate in their home and community environments.

Whitney and her husband, John, live in Richardson with their two young boys. They are involved at Watermark Community Church, and in their free time love to be outdoors boating, biking, or swimming. Whitney also enjoys taking and teaching group fitness classes at Pure Barre Richardson.

about whitney

Providing speech therapy for treatment of...

Language Delays

Not speaking as much as other children their age, or not comprehending language.

Speech Sound Disorders

Not able to say certain sounds correctly and speech is difficult to understand.

Pragmatic Language Disorder

Difficulty communicating in social settings with peers and/or adults.

Feeding Difficulties

Severe oral aversions or picky eating, swallowing difficulties.

Cognitive Communication Disorders

Disruption of cognitive processes that affect communication.

Fluency Disorders

(Stuttering) Difficulty producing connected speech without disruption.

The Nest

It is my honor to office alongside many wonderful practitioners in the Nest!

In addition to Speech Therapy, the Nest also offers:

  • chiropractic care
  • pelvic floor physical therapy
  • acupuncture
  • massage therapy
  • ozone infusions
  • nutrition & homeopathy
  • lashes & facials

"Come take a peek inside our charming, one-of-a-kind office off of Addison Circle. When you walk through our doors you are greeted with a vibrant atmosphere, a feeling of peace, and an awakening to the transformation of healthcare."


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